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Fast & Affordable MOT Testing in Welwyn

Most motorists shudder at the mention of “MOT testing”, but it needn’t be a chore when you sift through Welwyn garages and find Burrowfield Autos – the area’s top choice for everything from car servicing to car repairs. While we make the process simple and straight forward by offering a free collection and delivery service, and cheap by offering free MOT testing alongside full car servicing appointments, from time to time our clients will fail the test. In these instances, we offer free re-tests to ensure they get back on the road ASAP after any essential car repairs or car servicing is carried out.


We think that it pays for our clients to know the most common reasons why Welwyn motorists fail MOT testing, so they can prepare their vehicle for the big day and ensure they pass first time. So below, we’ve done just that! If you instead have a question regarding our car servicing or car repairs, we urge you to call us right away on 01707 393 017.


The 3 Most Common Reasons Welwyn Motorists Fail MOT Testing


Headlamp Aim – Around 17% of MOT testing failures around Welwyn and the wider UK can be put down to poorly adjusted headlamps. If they aren’t pointing straight or are too bright, and might blind oncoming drivers in low-light conditions, garages are obligated to give the vehicle an F grade. This is a very quick and easy fix, 90% of the time. So don’t worry about having to fork out for expensive car repairs should you fall foul of this point. Basic car servicing should cover it!


Tyre Tread Depth The second most common reason for MOT testing failures is a lack of tyre tread depth, which should always be above the legal minimum of 1.6mm. Keep in mind that this is the minimum for a reason, having a fair amount of tread depth over this amount is recommended to improve road safety by reducing emergency stopping distance. Garages like our own, near Welwyn, can supply and replace illegal tyres (so this won’t call for car repairs or car servicing to amend).


Registration Plate Lamp – Out of sight, out of mind? Until MOT testing rolls round that is! The little light that illuminates your registration plate is covered on the MOT check list, and amazingly leads to around 14% of all failures around Welwyn and the UK. If it is broken (not working, flickering or too low and not fit for purpose), garages will recommend minor car repairs / car servicing to fix it and enable you to pass.


If you’re at all unsure whether you might fail MOT testing on the above grounds, or for one of the many less common reasons that can catch you out, we urge you to visit Burrowfield Autos near Welwyn. As experts in all matters of car repairs and car servicing, we can ensure you’ll pass with flying colours (be sure to take advantage of a free MOT with a full service, not many garages offer this!)


Looking to book your MOT testing appointment? Call Burrowfield Autos near Welwyn on 01707 393 017. You’ll struggle to find garages as fair, honest and skilled as our own.