Getting your vehicle MOT tested is never a hassle when you choose Burrowfield Auto Services, the premier choice for MOT testing among garages in Welwyn Garden City, and nearby towns like Hatfield and Welwyn. We offer fast, affordable and most importantly, reliable MOTs to discerning motorists in the Hertfordshire area.


If your vehicle is due an annual inspection, we can carry out MOT testing up to 28 days before the current certificate expires. This window ensures you can find a convenient time that won’t disrupt your weekly schedule any more than is absolutely necessary. We urge all motorists in and around the Hatfield, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City to book their next MOT by calling (01707) 393 017 or by emailing us at Our prices are highly competitive amongst garages in the aforementioned areas.


While some garages around Hatfield, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City charge for retests, if your vehicle fails MOT testing, we’ll retest it free of charge if you book in again within 10 days of the original inspection. It’s our aim to provide affordable annual testing for Classes 4, 5 and 7 vehicles. This covers passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, motor homes and minibuses. Any new parts fitted during our car servicing or MOT testing are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles.


Free MOT Testing With Your Next Service


We are proud to currently offer our customers free MOT testing when they book a full service with our friendly, reliable team. This can help reduce your annual motoring costs substantially. By combining car servicing and MOT testing together, our customers receive an added-value experience unrivalled amongst garages in Hatfield, Welwyn, Welwyn Garden City and the wider Hertfordshire area.