UK motorist are legally obligated to replace tyres before their tread depth wears below the 1.6mm mark. Driving on tyres with less depth means you’re liable to being assessed a hefty fine and penalty points on your licence. More importantly, it’s dangerous. Having a healthy amount of tread on your tyres ensures you have enough time to stop in an emergency situation. Most experts recommend motorists replace their tyres before they hit the legal minimum tread, at around the 2mm mark. This is because while well-worn tyres might suffice during dry spells, they might struggle to grip the road in wet weather.


Burrowfield Autos offers motorists a wide range of tyres to choose from. This covers budget and premium tyres, from a number of reputable manufacturers. So however much you’re looking to spend, and whatever your personal requirements are, we’ll have the right tyres for you.  However, if you’ve suffered a minor puncture, then you may not require a complete new set…


Puncture Repairs


You can save money on expensive tyre replacements by choosing Burrowfield Auto Services for puncture repairs. If a puncture occurs on the tread area of a tyre, we can provide a suitable repair as long as you haven’t driven with a flat tyre over any considerable distance. We follow the latest British Standard requirements on all puncture and tyre repairs. If it is beyond saving, we can replace it with your choice of budget or premium tyre.


Wheel Alignment


We also offer Hatfield, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City motorists a wheel alignment service. This caters for all tracking, braking and handling requirements. Wheel alignment is a standard maintenance procedure that adjusts wheel angles to exact manufacturer specifications. When correctly aligned, road users experienced better handling, reduced tyre wear and a superior driving experience.


If required, we can tailor manufacturer specifications to achieve a particular handling characteristic. If you have a vehicle that you regularly use for motorsport or off-road driving, we can adjust the alignment angles for optimum performance beyond everyday road use. Burrowfield Auto Services use the latest laser-assisted four-wheel alignment systems.