At Burrowfield Auto Services, we deliver professional car servicing to motorists in Hatfield, Welwyn, Welwyn Garden City and the surrounding Hertfordshire area. We undertake all scheduled and interim servicing work to tight manufacturer service schedules that maintain existing vehicle warranties. Our technicians reset your vehicle service lights after completing work in exactly the same way as local main dealerships – our car servicing, repair and maintenance work always meets the highest quality standards.


We offer free written estimates, without obligation, and we never apply hidden charges to our work. On top of all this, our services are always lower in price than those available at local dealerships around Hatfield, Welwyn, Welwyn Garden City; we cut costs without cutting our standards.

We trade as engine management experts capable of handling all diagnostic requirements including work on ABS systems, airbag faults and emission issues. We also supply and fit branded tyres, specialise in wheel alignment and include the cost of valve and balancing within the price that we quote.


Air Conditioning Work


Burrowfield Auto Services trade as your reliable local experts for auto electrics in Hatfield, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City where a complete range of professional solutions awaits. Did you know that your vehicle’s air conditioning system contains potentially harmful allergens and pathogens? Without regular cleaning, the bacteria create worrying health risks.


The safest and most simple solution to guard against sore eyes, sore throats and the potential threat of asthma is to eradicate the spores that cause harm from your vehicle interior. At Burrowfield Auto Services, we use approved sanitising products strong enough to protect against swine flu and the MRSA virus. If you’re unsure whether it’d be wise to have your air conditioning cleaned, we can advise you while you’re in for a standard car servicing package.

We never use potentially harmful fogging products and rely on a more stable sanitising solution containing bactecides, algaecides and fungicides. Our preferred product passes BS:EN1276 tests in medical-grade carriers and ensures we always produce a safer, more efficient air conditioning system whenever we undertake cleaning on the behalf of Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City drivers.


Free MOT with Your Next Car Servicing


Burrowfield Autos currently offers free MOT testing to Hatfield, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City motorists booking full annual car servicing with us. As with our stand-alone MOT testing offering, if your vehicle fails the test for any reason, we’ll provide a full retest if you present your vehicle within 10 days of the original inspection.


We can accept MOT bookings up to 28 days before an inspection is due. So cut down on your annual operating costs by taking advantage of this generous offer, the likes of which you won’t find at rival garages in the Hatfield, Welwyn or Welwyn Garden City!