The highly experienced mechanics at Burrowfield Autos are some of the most knowledgeable you’ll find in garages around Hatfield, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City. This makes them uniquely qualified to carry out all forms of car repairs – from fixing run of the mill issues like a punctured tyre, to complex engine malfunctions.


Whatever it is your vehicle is suffering with, we can help. We’ll be able to run accurate diagnostics, explain to you the root of the problem, and suggest a means of rectifying it. It’s our aim to ensure you won’t be kept off the road any longer than necessary. And by using high quality parts in all our car repairs, we can give you peace of mind that the problem won’t reoccur.  Below, we’ve provided information on just a few of the most common car repairs we provide motorists in and around Hatfield, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City.


Electrical Repairs


We have vast auto electrical experience and use the latest trade equipment to deliver fast and affordable car repairs on any electrical component or mechanism. From electric window repairs to the installation of a complete wiring loom, we have our own highly skilled technicians available with the abilities to handle all type of auto electrical work for customers around Hatfield, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City. Our expertise extends to all engine management and diagnostic work where we provide cost-effective solutions for every vehicle make and model.


Steering & Suspension Repairs


Although most drivers around Hatfield, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City are predominantly familiar with just the steering wheel, complex parts within the system include shock absorbers, track-rod ends and ball joints. Damaged or worn parts cause uneven tyre wear and could result in failed MOT testing and put your life in danger.


To ensure your vehicle is always safe and roadworthy, our technicians undertake free inspections on your entire steering system and complete any required replacements on a while you-wait basis. We cover all of our repairs and maintenance work with an unconditional 12-month or 12,000-mile parts and labour guarantee. These are the most common steering and suspension-related car repairs we most commonly provide Hatfield, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City motorists:


Heavy Steering


Usually, low power steering fluid levels cause a heavy response to steering. We rectify this problem by topping up reservoirs to the appropriate safe levels.


Steering Pulls to One Side


Poor wheel alignment causes a pulling sensation to the left or right and results in potentially fatal handling. Burrowfield Auto Services specialise in four-wheel alignment.


Difficulty in Steering Straight


A worn wheel bearing or loose steering linkage causes excessive play during steering. We would recommend replacing worn or damaged parts immediately.



General Instability


A wandering sensation whilst driving, usually caused by the incorrect alignment of the front wheels, is easily eliminated using the latest laser-guided alignment equipment at our fully equipped garage.


Brakes, Exhausts, Batteries & Clutches




Our team fit replacement brakes on all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. If your brakes feel spongy, or if you are hearing grinding sounds whilst slowing, our technicians will inspect your braking system and suggest suitable car repairs.


Burrowfield Auto Services supply and fit new exhausts, batteries and clutches in Welwyn Garden City as an independent automotive specialist serving the entire Hertfordshire area.




We can supply and fit full or partial exhaust systems on any vehicle make and model. We only use quality OEM replacement exhausts from Walker and Timax with their own manufacturer warranty. We also fit custom high-performance exhaust systems manufactured from CDS mild or stainless steel.


Car Batteries


Avoid the prospect of your vehicle failing to start, particularly during the harsh winter months, by letting Burrowfield Auto Services install your new battery today. We have access to a full range of car and light commercial vehicle batteries with extensive warranties that provide complete reassurance for our loyal customers, who travel to us from all across Hertfordshire (not just Hatfield, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City).




Whenever you use your vehicle’s transmission system, it’s hard to imagine everything that’s going on when you press down on the clutch pedal. Springs in the clutch plate separate to allow for the changing of gears and regular use deteriorates their condition. We can fit new replacement clutches and carry out needed car repairs for any make or model of vehicle.


Engine Diagnostics


Burrowfield Auto Services invest heavily in the latest trade technology to deliver complete engine management services and engine diagnostics in Welwyn Garden City and Hertfordshire. We use state-of-the-art equipment to test and rectify all vehicle sub-system issues including problems with alarms, parking sensors and sound systems.


Advances in modern automotive technology sees most new vehicles fitted with an on-board computer. We plug directly into the vehicle ECU to scan and test the complete vehicle system. By retrieving data electronically, we find all engine management faults immediately so that our technicians only need to fit parts and conduct car repairs you actually require.


But that’s not all we can do for you. Unlike certain specialist garages around Hatfield, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City, we pride ourselves on our versatility. This means we can carry out all forms of car repairs, whatever is ailing your vehicle. So if what you’re looking for isn’t mentioned above…. Don’t fret!