Car Maintenance Guide

There is an old saying that if you look after your possessions, they will look after you. On the contrary if you don't keep up to date with general maintenance and repairs then there's a good chance they will let you down, and sods law says it will be at the least convenient time possible. Burrowfield Autos in Welwyn Garden City gives you the tips and tricks to avoid hefty Car Repairs, MOT failures, Tyre blowouts and keeping on top of servicing.


Motorists should not be expected to be handy with the spanners, but with a few tips and pointers from us you will be able to keep your car in tip top running order, reduce running costs, and avoid any big weighty bills.

  1. Make sure you regularly check over your vehicle for defects. This could be a blown light, low tyre, or a noisy engine. More often that not its when problems are ignored that you end up with some costly bills, or a tug from the police.
  2. Open the bonnet every now and again and check fluid levels. Most engines will have clearly marked fluid reservoirs with minimum and maximum lines. You will also notice a dipstick for checking oil, its recommended that you check all of these regularly. A car without enough oil, will not run for very long, and you won't like what happens when it stops. 
  3. Put a diary reminder in your phone for yearly servicing, usually your garage or your car will remind you, however its easy to ignore and having regular yearly services will not only increase the life of your car, but protect the value of your car at resale.
  4. Use quality parts, as the saying goes "Buy cheap, Buy twice". If you choose to put cheap parts on your car then expect them not to last as long. Burrowfield Autos only use factory approved parts.
  5. Finally Trust Your Gut - If something doesn't feel or sound right then get it checked. It costs nothing to have a trained mechanic look at your car at Burrowfield Autos. We will always work with the customer to diagnose any problems, report back to the customer, and then arrange any repair plans before money is changed hands.

Contact us if you have any questions on the above or would like us to book your car in to be looked at.



Tony Costas

Head Mechanic